Wire Crafters Wire Partition with Door
Style 840 Wire Partition Tool Crib
Style 840 Tool Cribs
Build tool cribs of any size and configuration with WireCrafters Style 840 Partition System. Construct walls
and ceilings from same modular sized panels. Stack panels to desired wall height and bolt to posts using
standard hand tools. Full line of hinged, double hinged, and sliding doors available. Open but secure design
allows free circulation of light, HVAC, and fire suppression systems throughout secured areas.
RapidWire™ Welded Wire Tool Cribs
Construct strong, contemporary looking, tool cribs with the RapidWire™ welded wire partition system.   Stack
standard RapidWire panels between tube posts to desired wall height.  Panels are made of tough 1-1/4" x 3"
welded mesh, reinforced with steel angle.  Panels mount to 2" square steel posts with self tapping screws.  Full
line of standard hinged and sliding doors complete the system.  Open but secure design allows free circulation
of light, HVAC, and fire suppression systems throughout secured areas.
RapidWire Welded Wire Tool Crib
Style 840 Woven Wire Partitions
WireCrafters Style 840 Woven Wire Partitions can be used to build free standing secured storage areas,
security enclosures, or to divide large buildings into smaller sections. System sets up fast with standard hand
tools, secure once in place, easy to reconfigure as needs change. Open but secure design allows free
circulation of building’s  lighting, HVAC, and fire suppression systems throughout secured areas.
Style 840 Woven Wire Partitions
RapidWire™ Welded Wire Partitions
RapidWire™ Welded Wire Partition System is the modern solution for plant separation projects.   Welded
wire panels reinforced with steel angle stack between tube posts to form the very best welded wire partition
on the market.  Panels connect to support posts with clamp system and self tapping screws.  The
RapidWire™ panel’s welded wire construction allows field modification with factory finished results.  
System is easy to set up with standard installers tools.  Welded mesh provides strength and versatility over
woven mesh systems.  Open but secure design allows free circulation of building’s lighting, HVAC, and fire
suppression systems throughout secured areas.
RapidWire Welded Wire Partitions
DEA Approved Storage
When properly installed WireCrafters Style 840 Partitions meet the US Drug Enforcement
Administration’s requirements for physical security of Schedule III through V controlled substances as
outlined in Title 21 CFR Sections1301:72-1301.76 physical security controls.
DEA Approved Storage Systems
Evidence Storage Systems
Evidence Storage
WireCrafters Style 840 partition system can be used to section existing rooms, or create self contained secure
enclosures. Control access to property while keeping it in plain sight with our open but secure design. Mesh
openings allow for visual contact with property while keeping it secure.  Also allows free circulation of
existing lighting, HVAC, and fire suppression systems.  Rooms of any size or height can be constructed with
this system. Customer designed, and standard slide up service windows with fixed counters are available for
issue stations.
Tenant Storage Lockers
Welded Wire Residential Tenant Lockers
WireCrafters' all steel welded wire storage lockers are an ideal way to secure resident's personal items in
multi-family building common storage areas. RapidWire’s welded mesh construction is strong and secure.  
Plus, it gives installers more flexibility to custom fit and professionally finish your storage area, eliminating
clutter, and efficiently using available space. The locker's open but secure design allows existing lighting,
ventilation and fire suppression systems to function effectively throughout the secured areas.
Military TA-50 Gear Lockers
Military TA-50 Gear Lockers
WireCrafters has supplied TA-50 Military Gear Lockers and other types of  Storage Lockers for the
demanding requirements of the military and other government agencies. Officers prefer WireCrafters Lockers
because of their modern look, innovative design, heavy duty materials, and quality construction. These
lockers are built to last. Quick to install; rock solid once in place; there is no better choice than WireCrafters
Military Storage Lockers.
Style 840 Woven Wire Physical Barriers
Wire Partitions from WireCrafters are a simple, effective way to protect personnel from the dangers posed by
automated equipment. These barriers are a strong, reliable, and economical solution to plant safety needs. System
versatility allows easy integration of access doors or material handling openings with system controls.  Unlike
hi-tech devices, this guard is always on duty, unaffected by power outages or electrical problems.  Also doubles as a
potential safety net by containing objects ejected by a malfunctioning robot.  Crimped and woven wire mesh is
resilient; resists dings, retains its shape, and looks better longer.
Style 840 Woven Wire Physical Barriers
RapidWire HD™ Welded Wire Physical Barrier
RapidWire HDTM (Heavy Duty) welded wire partition system is ideally suited for guarding automated equipment.
Protect property and personnel with this modern guarding system.  These fully framed welded mesh panels bolt to
posts forming a strong, secure barrier around dangerous automated equipment.  Unlike high tech light curtains or
switch mats which are subject to electrical malfunction, this system is always on duty. System offers a full line of
hinged doors, sliding doors, and lift out panels, to integrate with your equipment.  Simple to plan, easy to install.
RapidWire Heavy Duty Welded Wire Physical Barrier
Machine Guards
Our years of experience, quality controlled manufacturing, and overall craftsmanship make WireCrafters
the preferred suppler of guarding for many leading original equipment manufacturers. We can
economically build the exact guard needed for your equipment. No matter if it is an integrated part, or a
stand alone guard, we have the experience, quality, and desire to work for you.  This arrangement
allows you to concentrate on the equipment while we take care of the guarding details. WireCrafters
stocks a variety of meshes to meet requirements for heavy, medium, or light duty jobs.
Machine Guards
Style 840 Woven Wire Lift Enclosures
Safe operation of vertical conveying systems requires an enclosure that protects employees from moving parts as well
as spilled loads. WireCrafters Style 840 Partition System’s open mesh design prevents access to hazardous areas
without blocking the operator’s view. Style 840 is strong enough to contain most load spills, protecting the operator
and other personnel. Also protects people from the lift’s moving parts.   Design your enclosure using standard
modular parts. Control access to the lift with any of our hinged, sliding, tunnel, or vertical rise doors. Any door
maybe outfitted with electric interlocks to shut down the system when opened. Doors may be outfitted with standard
locks as well.
Style 840 Woven Wire Lift Enclosures
Install WireCrafters GuardRail in your plant to protect people, machinery, and property from accidents involving
forklifts, sweepers, or other moving equipment. Designed and tested to withstand the impact of a 10,000 pound
load moving at 4 miles per hour (GuardRail Impact Test Report), this protective railing system helps prevent
damage to equipment or facilities by providing a strong barrier along aisle ways, or in front of critical equipment.
Create a safety barrier with this competitively priced guardrail system, and save the expense of costly downtime
repairs by preventing the accident with WireCrafters GuardRail.
Guard Rails
WireCrafters System 22 HandRail is an industrial handrail that is easy to install. This square steel railing system sets
up with standard hand tools, no welding, no cutting, no self tapping screws. All parts are drilled and ready to accept
3/8" bolts and floor anchors. System is designed on 8' 0" centers, and comes in a standard two rail style. A 4" high
kick plate can be added as an option. Standard rail sections are 7' 6", 3' 6", and 1' 6" long. These rail sections
combine with 6" run post connectors or 4" corner/end posts to lay out on 8', 4', or 2' centers. To create a complete
unit order two rails and two posts.
Pallet Rack Enclosures
RackBack® Pallet Rack Backing Panels
Back any rack with WireCrafters modular panel system. RackBack® panels bolt directly to your existing pallet rack
uprights creating a sturdy barrier between inventory and the ground below. Durable all welded, angle frame panels
give constant protection from dangerous spills; protecting personnel while containing inventory. Competitively priced
with netting style backing, easy to install, and stock items ready to ship in 48 hours of your order, RackBack® is the
system for you.
Rack Enclosures
Rack Enclosures
Secure contents of existing pallet rack with WireCrafters Rack Enclosures.  System uses standard sized
panels (and posts-if necessary) and hinged or sliding gates to enclose any rack system.  Enclosure may be
mounted directly to rack or free standing.
Tool Cribs
Florida Panhandle Division
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Wire Partitions & Guard Rails
Established in 1967 as a wire job shop, Wire Crafters, LLC, has grown to
become the nation's leading producer of wire partition products. We started
by concentrating our efforts on one product and developed a partition
system that has changed the industry.

The inherent simplicity and strength of our Style 840 Partition System
opened the door to many new applications for wire partitions.  Not only
could that system handle the traditional uses such as tool cribs, secured
storage areas, or maintenance cages; customers liked using it for machine
guards, physical barriers for robotic work cells, pallet rack backing, vertical
lift enclosures, DEA approved enclosures and mezzanine railings.

As the demand for our Style 840 line grew we added complementary
products, like in-plant Guard Rail, Handrail, and Mezzanine railing.  We
also continued to improve the 840 line of partition products, as well as
developed a complementary line of welded wire partitions which we named
RapidWire™ because of its quick ship, fast install features.
Wire Partitions
DEA Approved Storage
Storage Lockers
Machine Perimeter Guarding
Guard Rails & Barriers
Pallet Rack Enclosures
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