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Steel Mezzanines
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Expand Floor Space without
Expanding your Facility
Utilize Unused Vertical Space
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Steel Mezzanines
As your company grows, so does your need for valuable floor space.  A custom mezzanine system can
double the usable space in your warehouse providing essential office space, storage and production areas.  
Our crew is highly experienced in providing custom design layouts that are perfectly engineered to meet
all OSHA and IBC code requirements.  Mezzanines are available with Cold Roll Steel for lighter
applications or heavy-duty Structural Steel for heavy industrial applications.  Regardless of your needs -
we have a system for you.
Cold Roll Mezzanine System
Cold rolled refers to the method of bending sheet metal into "C"
channels to as the understructure of the mezzanine floor.  These cold
rolled pieces attach to the tubular steel or tapered columns and provide
the beams that support the floor.  Cold rolled has two major benefits
over structural steel mezzanines.  First, the material is much lighter that
structural steel thus less expensive to ship.  This usually means there is
less equipment needed to assemble the structure.  Second, cold rolled
steel can be pre-galvanized;  offering substantial savings over
hot-dipped galvanizing, stainless steel or aluminum mezzanines.  The
only disadvantage with cold rolled steel is that column spacing is very
limited - usually 10' to 15' max.  They are also unable to reach the high
live loads or heavily concentrated point loads that can be accomplished
with structural steel mezzanine systems.
Structural Mezzanine System
Structural Mezzanine system can withstand extreme loads allowing
implementation of complete second-story office systems or storage
space.  These heavy-duty systems are able to span greater distances
between column than cold rolled steel causing minimum impact to plant
ground floor space.  Custom heavy-duty stair & guard rail systems
provide safe entry to upper levels.  All of your heavy-load storage &
modular office space needs can be easily handled by one company
providing a seamless integration of multiple systems.  Let Indoff design
the perfect solution for your complex needs.
Stair & Ladder Systems
All Panel Built prefabricated stairs, ladders &
railing systems are engineered, fabricated &
powder coated at one plant providing a lasting
finish & fast turn around.  Every metal stair &
ladder system is manufactured to your specific
needs allowing for various sizes, heights &
specialty metal hand rails that meet OSHA & IBC
codes.  We will provide the safest solutions for
gaining access to any upper level.
Authorized Dealer