2-Story Inplant Modular Office
Modular Inplant Clean Room
Clean Room
Guard Shacks
Guard Shacks
2-Story Modular Office
Modular Wall Partition
Modular Office with Full Width Windows
Modular Office with Mezzanine
Modular Office Interiors
Modular Meeting Room
Building  Components:
Modular Office with Concrete Bollards
Guard Shacks
Clean  Rooms
Building  Components:
Portable  Buildings
Doors shall be 3068 commercial grade steel with 20 gauge facings
and honeycomb core. Steel door complies with ANSI/SDI 100.
Each door is equipped with 1 1/2 pair of 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" ball
bearing hinges and a stainless steel key-in handle commercial grade
(ANSI A156-2) ADA lever lockset. The top half of the door shall
be glazed with 1/4" tempered safety glass.

The door frame for both systems shall be 18-gauge steel,
three-piece frame, mortised to accept hinges. A commercial quality
hollow Core wood door with light oak facings is also available.

Fixed window shall be nominal 4' wide x 3' high. Window is glazed
at the factory with 1/4" tempered safety glass in an extruded
aluminum frame. The 1/4" tempered glass complies with ASTM C
1048 and ANSI 297.1-1984.

Suspended ceiling consists of commercial quality 2' x 4' white
mineral fiber tiles supported in an intermediate duty white painted
steel grid. The ceiling tiles have a CAC Rating of 35-39 and are
Class A noncombustible.

Dust Cover
Dust cover shall be 22 gauge, type B, 1 1/2" ribbed steel deck,
prime painted gray. The dust cover is not designed for storage load
unless noted otherwise. When load-bearing deck is required, the
roof deck and structural steel components shall be pre-engineered
to meet the loading requirements.

(All electrical materials supplied by Starrco are U.L. listed and meet
N.E.C. requirements)

Electric package consists of 2' x 4', four lamp fluorescent troffer
type light fixtures, 120v duplex receptacles, 120v light switch and a
100-amp load center with appropriate circuit breakers. Electric
package does not include lamps or wire.
Pre-Engineered Quick-Tric modular electric components are
available as an option.

Pre-Engineered offices are available with a variety of optional
features to meet specific needs and applications. Options include
(but are not limited to); special wall finishes, reinforced panel
Cores, special door hardware, sliding windows, special glazing, HV
AC systems, flooring materials, etc.
Pre-assembled  portable  buildings  are  ideal  for  both  
interior  and  exterior  use.   Let  us  custom  design  a  
building  to  meet  your  specific  need.

  • Kiosk
  • Parking  Booth
  • Security  Guard  House
  • Toll  Booth
  • Airport  Taxi  Dispatch
  • Ticket  Booth
  • Airport  Rental  Car  Office
In-Plant Modular Office Systems
Florida Panhandle Division
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In-Plant Modular Offices & Guard Shacks
Modular Office Advantage
From a two-wall structure to a two-story  multiple
office complex, every modular office system comes
complete & ready for occupancy in a fraction of the
time & price of conventional construction.
In-Plant Modular Office Advantages:

  • Each project begins with a careful needs  
    assessment.   The office is then designed and  
    engineered to precisely fit your application.
  • Tax advantages and significant cost savings  
    over conventional construction.
  • The flexibility to easily and conveniently  
    expand, reconfigure or relocate your Starrco  
    modular office when your needs change.
  • Raceways are built in to allow quick installation
    of electrical, telephone, and computer wiring
  • Aluminum track and posts are more durable  
    and will not rust or corrode.
  • A two-piece wall stud design allows panels to  
    be easily removed or replaced.
  • Detailed CAD drawing along with individually  
    labeled components make your installation fast,
    easy and completed in a fraction of the time of  
    conventional construction.
  • All materials are pre-cut, mitered and  
    completely finished.
  • Installation is completed quickly, with minimal  
    mess, dust, and disruption to your operation.

When you choose
Indoff,  you'll get a custom
designed modular office system that is pre-engineered
and manufactured specifically for your needs.
Production Enclosures
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